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         In the event
      of a death, call us
          for freely given
 information to answer your        questions and concerns,        
   whether legal, practical or                    personal.
  Our purpose is to empower and                    bring healing to our                                       community.  



How We Can Help

Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals offers our community traditional before and after death care. 

We provide profound end of life services for people who are currently dying, and for those wanting to prepare end-of-life matters.

After a death, we create home vigils and offer all funeral services including:

    * Fully supported Home Vigils

     * All funerals

     * Personalised Home funerals

     * Death Doula and respite                                  companioning

     * End of Life Services

     * Advance Health Care Planning

     * Community funerals

     * Living Eulogies

     * Letters of Love or Forgiveness

     * Traditional Wake

     * Environmentally sustainable                          funerals 

     * Deeply personal ceremonies

     * Direct cremation 

     * Family led

     * Memorial and Celebration of                         Life service



We promote family led and home funerals and vigils and fully supported dying. We emphasise inclusiveness and gentle guidance which can support transformational experiences of death.


We ask of each funeral rite: Does this serve a purpose for you or your family or would something other be more beneficial? We help you create a service filled with the things that you need in an end of life service. For additional guidance please see our SERVICES page for ready made and lovingly tailored end-of-life options.

Please call us anytime to discuss your needs or questions. Our advice is freely given.

Thankyou for being here with us,


Our premises:  



       HOME OF         SACRED EARTH

45-47 Queen Elizabeth Drive,  CORAKI  NSW, 2471 

Why We Are Here

Death is not the enemy of life, but its friend; for it is the knowledge that our years are limited which makes them so precious - J.L Liebman


Sacred Earth Funerals hold true that our society's collective apprehension and fears around death underlies nearly all personal anxiety. Further, that we can overcome the death taboo by reclaiming our traditions in being with our dying - our loved ones and ourselves.


For millennia, our ancestors accompanied their dying loved ones to the threshold. No one should die in fear or alienation. While all of life is a precious gift and dying is courageous work, we learn much from those who go before us. With awareness of our finitude, we can create the best conditions for our own end of life now.

SACRED EARTH FUNERALS passionately believes that by embracing the end of life and talking openly and empathically, we again normalise death as the final rite of life. We are consequently empowered to care for our own, as dying is returned from the fringes to the mainstream of life. 


We support all initiatives that help people in grief, those dying and the newly deceased. We believe in the capacity of community to embrace the fear of death and transform it into a powerful compassion and presence for those at the end of life.