Funeral Celebrant: Not an Ordinary one

"Mimi created the most fitting farewell for my dad. Her attention to the detail and the nuances that made dad so unique was amazing. The day was beautiful, every detail was right, and it became so personal for all of us. Mimi held us in our grief, the whole day was just seamless." - Laura Brockey


She captured Pop's essence in such a way, that the intimacy of the ceremony just brought us to tears, and then came unbounded laughter and smiles. It was everything he was. The service left us with a deep feeling of peace. I didn't know a memorial service could bring people through healing/together like this. It was extraordinary."

- M. Blackworth

Hi Mimi


We would just like to thank you for the the most beautiful service you conducted for Joan’s memorial.  To capture Joan’s essence in the way you did was truly fantastic and very moving. We had lots of people commenting of the great service you gave for Joan.


Once again, our sincere thanks Mimi.

L & B Brown.

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My Story

Celebrancy for people's funerals or memorials is a natural extension of my work in creating Extraordinary farewells with Sacred Earth Funerals. 

My offering is to hand-craft a memorial experience that is second to no other. I will capture the intimate truth of the very unique person that you have loved and has left this planet. 


I will have as many meetings as required with you to represent your person in a unique script full of detail and honour. 

I will discuss ideas for healing rituals, music and ............ that will accompany the service

represents the deceased in their unique self and detail.

I am the right fit for families who want personal, unique and compassionate representation of their beloved.

Get in touch if you want something extra special. I create time to remember and space to honour and celebrate the ones we have loved and have left our world. 

Expect a detailed interview. Expect the highest quality service. We will find meaning in their lives, their leaving adn the world that remains. 

For a deeply healing ceremony, that touches in to the joy and celebration of their lives, the depths of grief that accompanies their leaving, and an honouring of their unique whole person self.

I work in a detail interview, to discover the whole person, their life, their meaning, and the emotions they left you with. Your person

The clients that I serve expect high quality , attention to detail, mood and essence of their loved one. I capture the timelessness of life and death, the big view, the comfort of . solace of nature. and the laws that are both scientific and spiritual. If this appeals to you then you are my people. 

I came to celebrancy through need at Sacred Earth Funerals. I stepped up at a funeral service when the celebrant was taken ill at very short notice. My love of holding people, my ability to become quickly attuned to the changing needs of the audience, is something that allows

My compassion to standard

This is a supreme service

Fee - $750

I am looking for the families that are looking for me. Families that want thoughtful, lovingly handcrafted, bespoke highly personal.

, with every funeral that I am privileged to be a part of, working with families, guiding and being guided, as together we break down the old paradigms and bring the heart and soul back into the funeral space to truly honour the life of the person we have lost.

We can never fill the gap that is left when we lose someone we love, but we can farewell them and celebrate their life in a way that is meaningful for us. We only get one chance at goodbye, and so my motto with all my funerals is “no regrets’. I encourage you to do and say what ever you need to, in order to get what you need from this final rite of passage. And if we do that, if we leave it all there, on the table, knowing that you have no regrets around what that goodbye looked like, it can make the journey of healing just that little bit easier.

To discuss an upcoming funeral or memorial ceremony please send me a message via my “Contact Me” page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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With care and love,

Mimi X


If you are looking for the extraordinary.  

Let's connect.

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