No service - all care cremation


Otherwise known as a Direct Cremation, this is a wonderful option for families who would rather take time now in order to create memories later. 

Sometimes families are undecided, the rush of time passing after a loved ones death can be overwhelming, and the days too short to plan an appropriate funeral. Sometimes creating a memorial event later means other family can attend that may not have been able to at shorter notice. 

Other people may need quiet and calm away from the flurry of funeral planning in their early grief. Whatever the reason, we are committed to meeting each family's unique needs, whatever they are. 



Sacred Earth provides all of our dead with care exceeding expectation.


All of our deceased are cared for with deep respect and dignity.  This is very important as we consider our work to be a humble extension of your own family caring for your beloved dead.

We offer many extra services with Direct Cremation including, washing, preparing and dressing, candles lit for vigil and anointing ceremony before final disposition. 

Please view all of our holistic care inclusions & choices below - 

Your choice of NO SERVICE CREMATION includes:

Personal service all the way through: from the time we take your person into our care, a dedicated funeral director will be with them every step of the way to their final disposition.


Transfer from place of death to our Sanctuary for vigil.

Tender placement of special objects or instructions that you may have chosen to go with your person. 

We come to your home, or you are welcome in our offices to complete all legally required documentation for official lodgement of a death.

We cleanse and wash our deceased with pure organic and non toxic products, then prepare and dress your person in the clothes of your choice.

All required doctors and medical certificates and liaison with hospital, nursing & medical staff as required.


Gentle encoffining in a bioboard casket.

All our people receive a parting ritual called "A Blessing Way" which includes an Anointing with Sacred Oils, a death-care practise from our ancestors, pre-dating Biblical times.

Optional viewing - to say goodbye for the last time

Grief support, tender care of your loved person, you and your family.

Transfer to the crematorium

Cremation cost

Return of ashes to you personally 

Keeping you informed at every step of the way.  We take time and care and are always available to explain, listen and guide.