End of Life Planning


An essential part of preparing for a good death is drawing meaning from our experience of life. An inner reflection on our values and core beliefs provides us with the content for drafting end of life documents which are as important as our Last Will and Testament.


How would you like to experience your death when it comes?

The necessity of an Advance Health Care Directive, or the unparalleled experience of our help in writing your own eulogy and Letters of the Heart, have become profound means of creating your own personal conditions for a good death. Our objective is to help you connect to, and express what matters most in life. We offer you a complete and heart centred End of Life planning service. 

Please see our FIVE options below:


OPTION 1.  A one hour End-of-Life                                              Consultation       

OPTION 2.  Advance Health Care                                                      Directive

OPTION 3.   A Heart Will (*includes                                            all other options within this                                  document)

OPTION 4.  A Living Eulogy


OPTION 5.   The LETTERS - of Love,                                            of Sorrow and Forgiveness

OPTION 6.    The Life Review

We help you write the words you               need to leave on Earth

                          - Mimi

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   Advance Health Care Directive

This most essential end of Life document safeguards your wishes in a time when you become too medically incapacitated to speak for yourself, whether by old age or accident.


*EVERY ADULT IS URGED TO CONSIDER DOCUMENTING END OF LIFE CHOICES. This is so important now in a time that many terminally ill people are dying in alienation in Intensive Care Units and hospital environments needlessly. 

Less than 20% of Australians currently have an End of Life plan detailing their medical and care wishes and are subsequently subjected to well meaning family and medical support that may be contrary to their will and interfering with their ability to die in peace.

Sacred Earth Home Funerals has a very comprehensive Advance Health Care planning document, where we discuss all of your options in care and your own circumstances and potential hindrances to your wishes being carried out. We will consider the importance of choosing the right proxy, family dynamics, administration of nutrients at eol, insertion of intubation, and symptom medication in terms of your objective in your last weeks of life. 

We provide a home service to inform you of your End of Life options/ choices, and assist you to complete a very detailed assessment of your end of life choices.

This information is formalised into a well-articulated and practical Advance Care Document that can be followed by family and doctors. Your finished document may be kept with your Will and copies distributed as required. 


  The Heart Will  


The substantial Sacred Earth Heart Will includes ALL of the writing services we offer.  

The formal contents include:

          - The Advance Care Directive

          - Your living Eulogy

          - Letters of love / Letters of Sorrow

          - Letters of forgiveness to Self or others

             **(For letters of Self Forgiveness we create a Ritual of                   Release, so the experience and its words are let go)

          - any other letter or written article as needed, for peace               to settle into your heart. 


This document may also include..... 

          People, thoughts and memories, well wishes and                       insights, drawings, notes and photos, music,

       * Additionally, Video or sound recording can be arranged as required.....leaving nothing unsaid.

The Heart Will  is best kept with your legal Last Will and Testament, as it includes all of your dying and end of life care wishes as well as a trove of personal sentiments and written legacies.