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Coraki, northern nsw

The most beautiful funeral home in Australia

Sacred Earth is hand-crafting unforgettable funerals everywhere: All Far North Coast Churches, at The Sanctuary Retreat, outdoors bush or beach, and intimate  home funeral services.


SACRED EARTH Celebrates Lives!

We honour and create meaning out of the grief that comes as a flip side to the great love that you feel for your person. All of our experience after loss matters. All of it is welcome at Sacred Earth Funerals. Our staff is selected with care. We are a safe haven after death, for your deceased, and for you. A deep welcome. 

Sacred Earth Funerals create beautiful funerals and vigils to hold families in grief and celebration of their beloved dead. We create funerals in every location. This includes all of our Far North Coast churches, as well as tranquil bushland or beach, or any outdoor location. We are specialists at creating funerals in the intimacy of your own home or garden.

Our promise is a carefully hand-crafted funeral that will seamlessly reflect your needs and wishes.


We also offer a Funeral Retreat experience @ The Sanctuary in the beautiful rural location of Coraki, for people who want an exceptional experience of care.

The Sanctuary is a funeral ceremony healing space. It was created because of the community need to gather in a sacred space between worlds - the world of the living and of our beloved dead. 

You may also wish to choose the historic Brandon Hall as your funeral space. This building is a converted community hall, the setting for many local dances, weddings and community picnics in a by-gone era. This is a joyful space for the Celebration of Lives!

For nature lovers, the Sanctuary retreat also offers outdoor spaces for funerals, like under the huge and giant fig trees on the Sanctuary property. Let your heart lead!

A good funeral 


A funeral should be ANYTHING you need it to be. That may mean something as uncomplicated as sharing memories and a candle for your loved one over a family dinner. It is any memorial that you deem appropriate for your needs. Studies have shown that participating in even a very simple ritual can be so beneficial in letting go, by powerfully rebalancing the emotional energy after a death.


A 'funeral' is not a legal requirement in Australia, but reflecting on and celebrating a loved one's life is a significant step along the path to healthy grieving and closure.


A good funeral or memorial service empowers participants in four ways:

          to honour,

          to celebrate 

          to grieve the life that was lived, and

          to begin the process of transforming your relationship with the person who has died.

A funeral ceremony should  reflect on the changing nature of our relationship to the deceased. When someone we love dies, our relationship is not lost, but changed.

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How we work 


We thoroughly make sure you are aware of all of your choices, and we do not make assumptions as to what you might need. We encourage you to explore options that fulfil your needs rather than doing what you might feel is expected. We are your safe hands, and your guide.

We come to your home or location, listen to what you need us to do, and assume responsibility for making sure everything is done to provide you with what you want. We will want to know as much about the person who has died as you can tell us. 


We will create an event to honour your loved one in the way that is most healing to you, and together we will consider the invaluable objectives of the traditional funeral ceremony -as both a rite of separation and of re-integration. The purpose of this ceremony is to build a foundation from which your lives may continue without your loved ones presence. We support you throughout, and we will be with you when you loved one is finally laid to rest. 


Our Home Funeral pricing is completely transparent and simple. You just choose the elements that you need to create the type of farewell that you want, or if you prefer an all-in price, we have the option of a home funeral package or a direct cremation with blessing ritual. 

When you ring us, your phone call will be answered directly by Mimi or Greg. It is an honour to serve your needs.


pre-paid funerals

Sacred Earth Funerals provides everyone with the option of pre-paying a funeral by purchasing funeral bonds in Sureplan Friendly Society, an organisation which is underwritten by the government making your money as safe as the bank.


This is NOT funeral insurance (where you may be penalised for missing a payment), rather whatever you pay into a bond, is the same amount that will be available to your family for funeral expenses upon your death.


Ask us for more information.