Life at THE SANCTUARY in Coraki invites us into all manner of living experiences.

The Sanctuary is much more than the most beautiful funeral home in Australia. It is a place to hold you as you move through the depths, joys and grief of life. 


Profound meaning and peace can be found when we turn toward what life asks of us.


Our doors are always open to you at The Sanctuary. There is always solace, connection, smiles and a cup of tea waiting for you. Please feel welcomedalways.

Our lives at their endings, need celebration, warmth and love. Enjoy the visual displays below of historic buildings, ceremony and people.

The SANCTUARY & Funeral Home Premises

When we are helped to face the reality of our mortality, we can gently begin to assess our own end-of-life needs.   

Funerals, Vigils & beautiful coffins

Our vehicles

Lavender the Funeral Dog

Community Engagement


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