The Gift of a Funeral at Home



The care of our dying loved ones in our own homes is our ancestral inheritance, and was once an honoured part of life. A home funeral is a wholistic and traditional way of honouring those that have died.  


Home funerals have been a family directed tradition until the last 100 years and we are now experiencing a return to the old Healing Ways. With the aid of the gentle modern technology of the cooling bed, we are able to retain the body of the deceased safely and tenderly in the home from the point of death until funeral.  This practise provides continuity of care and holds the family in a safe and loving space to grieve and to integrate their loss.

We empower families in whichever capacity they wish, to care for their dead in culturally nurturing death practices. We are as involved as you wish us to be. This may include help in preparing or laying out of the body, or in creating an a safe environment at home to sit vigil in preparation for the final disposition. We empower our community with choices.



The Continuum

What is a good funeral ?


A funeral should be ANYTHING you need it to be. That may mean something as uncomplicated as sharing memories and a candle for your loved one over a family dinner. It is any memorial that you deem appropriate for your needs. Studies have shown that participating in even a very simple ritual can be so beneficial in letting go, by powerfully rebalancing the emotional energy after a death.


A 'funeral' is not a legal requirement in Australia, but reflecting on and celebrating a loved one's life is a significant step along the path to healthy grieving and closure.


A good funeral or memorial service empowers participants in four ways:

          to honour,

          to celebrate 

          to grieve the life that was lived, and

          to begin the process of transforming your relationship with the person who has died.

A funeral ceremony should  reflect on the changing nature of our relationship to the deceased. When someone we love dies, our relationship is not lost, but changed.


Many times, a loved one dying at home awakens a family to a natural inclination to continue after death care in the same home environment. 

When we listen to the wishes of terminally ill people, they often express their hopes to die at home, as our ancestors did, in an environment  that they have loved. It is quite natural to continue this unrushed, family led atmosphere into after death care, which may last for hours or even days, and becomes a vigil of release and gratitude. Following this sacred time, family may wish to continue the peace with a home funeral before the loved one is carried to their final place of rest.

All of this is possible and a very positive response to the presence of death in our lives.

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How we work 


We thoroughly make sure you are aware of all of your choices, and we do not make assumptions as to what you might need. We encourage you to explore options that fulfil your needs rather than doing what you might feel is expected. We are your safe hands, and your guide.

We come to your home or location, listen to what you need us to do, and assume responsibility for making sure everything is done to provide you with what you want. We will want to know as much about the person who has died as you can tell us. 


We will create an event to honour your loved one in the way that is most healing to you, and together we will consider the invaluable objectives of the traditional funeral ceremony -as both a rite of separation and of re-integration. The purpose of this ceremony is to build a foundation from which your lives may continue without your loved ones presence. We support you throughout, and we will be with you when you loved one is finally laid to rest. 


Our Home Funeral pricing is completely transparent and simple. You just choose the elements that you need to create the type of farewell that you want, or if you prefer an all-in price, we have the option of a home funeral package or a direct cremation with blessing ritual. 

When you ring us, your phone call will be answered directly by Mimi or Greg. It is an honour to serve in this way.


''I didn't know who dressed her (mother), who touched her, or even where she was kept. I'd rather it had been me."- Kate L.

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The River of Stars

Accepting a loss as part of our life

Our world changes, regardless of our wishes. People die. And our old world is gone. We can feel lost in this time of grief and heartache because nobody has given us a map of how the process works. Do we eventually lose our grief?

Or do we learn to live with it?


We can tell you that the struggle to reintegrate our lives after loss can be lessened. We are often unprepared for the emotional impact of a death. When we have an opportunity to keep our deceased at home after death, we maintain some control in an event that is otherwise beyond our control. There is no further distress associated with removing the deceased from caring family and placing our beloved into the hands of funeral profession strangers.

Helping the Enormity of Loss

When we create a safe space at home to honour ALL of our emotions around loss and transition, we can more easily integrate difficult experiences, and move through them with grace. And so, transformation is experienced on a deep soul level and our ancient practises lead us to heal.

A funeral in our own home creates opportunity for us to absorb the shock of loss and brings healing to the living, the dying, and the dead.