The 3 Day Home Vigil of the Deceased



A Home Vigil  is a supreme gift of love to our deceased. It is an opportunity to heal, grieve, rejoice, grow... and to experience a uniting love.

Sitting vigil is a historically profound way of coming to terms with loss and continuing care for a loved one who has just died. Sitting beside your loved one for an hour or days, holding hands, or just reflecting and feeling, is a thorough way to allow healing into our process of letting go, and letting grief begin transition. 


Traditional cultures have not known the fear of the natural order of things. In many traditions, the body of a deceased loved one is kept at rest and not moved for three days after death in order to facilitate the soul doing it's extraction work from the body. But our ancestral healing experience of sitting vigil has largely become lost when we began shifting our death rites into the realm of the funeral home industry over the last 90 years in Australia.






         1. Normalises death by returning it to the realm of home and family

         2. Begins the healing process of grief - to sit with or be in company of our                     dead signals to our subconscious that the death has really occurred.

         3. Slows the time between death and letting go of the body, easing shock

              of the death.

         4. The traditional time of transition between death and the soul's complete                     separation from the body.


Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals facilitates vigil which may last anything from hours up to 3 days. Vigil allows people to begin to come to terms with their physical loss through any number of family led ways. Once the room housing the deceased has been made sacred, we support families to take the time and support to create the experience they need. 



There is no right way, vigil is a very personal experience. Some people consider a Transition Party while others prefer traditional healing ways, as in an Irish Wake, or a time of quiet reflection and letting go. Every path is the correct one. You are empowered with time and personal choice and we fully support YOUR needs.

After the time of vigil, family may choose continuity of care with a Home Funeral, or your loved one may be transferred to a funeral home of your choice.


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You Are Not Alone


   "While we fear death, it is likely we also fear the fullness of our own lives."

You are born to die. Our body is a very temporary gift. When we can truly live with the knowledge of our inevitable loss of our body, we can finally begin to fully enjoy our life right now as it is, without waiting for it to improve in any way.

Sitting in vigil with a deceased loved one allows us to integrate this truth on a deeply subconscious level. This is reclaiming our fears around physical mortality, in a very traditional and time tested way.

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