The cards of solace


Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the over wrought heart and bids it break.                                                                                                                           - William Shakespeare, The Bard.





With tenderness, we have chosen heartfelt words which we hope will provide some comfort in your sorrow. The purpose of creating the CARDS OF SOLACE is to meet and lift you in your despair, with a heartfelt message that understands the power of your grief. 

The potent messages of care in the CARDS OF SOLACE means that the cards are ideal for gifting to others who are suffering grief following a death, but also keeping for your own self in challenging times.


Our sincere hope is that they serve as moments of light in your darkness.













The CARDS OF SOLACE come as a set of 24 palm sized cards each with a message of hope, wisdom or empathy. The cost of $25 includes GST and postage & packaging to anywhere in Australia.

NEW - We now have an additional

themed card set with a slight variation

on sentiment named The SOLACE


Please choose whichever set speaks to your heart.

The SOLACE OF DESPAIR - This card set is specifically designed for those who are in deep grief and will benefit from an  acknowledgment of their overwhelming pain. These cards may be particularly relevant for people who have lost a loved one unexpectedly or are grieving a partner, a child, or someone who is deemed to have died 'too young'. We hope these words will meet you in the magnitude of your despair.

**Please note:  the SOLACE OF DESPAIR set is not designed for children.


A Message

If you are grieving, and feel to email a message, I will reply to you personally. We are all in moments of grief and joy throughout life but paramount to sustaining our human condition is to feel a CONNECTION with another person as we navigate our grief. I wish for you to not feel alone   - Mimi 

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TO ORDER:  Payment is by bank transfer. Please click on link below to send an email indicating which pack you would like to purchase.

Include your name and postal address.

We will send you our bank details and we ask you to use your name as a reference.

Thank you!