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Please send us a note on anything related to death and dying. Sacred Earth Funerals aims to empower and support you and our community in creating intimate, positive and effective End-of-Life experiences.

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A member of my family has died at home. What should I do? 
If this death is unexpected, call the ambulance. The paramedics may call the police if the coroner needs to be involved to ascertain the cause of death.
If the death is expected, and the deceased has been under care of their doctor, take a breath, gather your thoughts and family and call the doctor to attend your home and issue you with a Death Certificate. Now is also the time to notify your Death Doula if she/he is not already in attendance. Have a cup of tea and breathe. There is no rush now. You may then call your home vigil or funeral provider and they will support you to carry out yours and the deceased's wishes for after death practise.
My loved one has died and was taken to the hospital awaiting a doctor's life extinct certificate. What now?
The police will notify you once the doctor's certificate has been issued. You should contact the funeral provider of your choice, and if the body of your loved one is deemed by the local coroner to have a determinant cause of death, then your funeral provider will require you to complete a release and transfer authority form in order to collect and transfer the deceased person to their premises.
In the interim, the body of your loved one will be held in the morgue of the local district hospital.
Is it legal to keep my loved one's body at home after death?
Yes. It is legal in all states of Australia. In NSW we may keep the deceased's body at home for up to 5 days. In our work, we find that magic happens on Day 3 of a vigil and most people are ready to allow their beloved person to move on to the next stage of their journey. 
We would like to hold a funeral service at home. Will a religious minister conduct a service at my home?
Yes.There are now many ministers who will conduct a funeral in the traditional setting of someone's home. You may directly contact the office of the minister of your choice and ask for this service. Times are changing. A local priest has said that ''God is where the people are'' and on that basis, all space can be made sacred for a funeral.
My family member has died at a hospital/nursing home/other place, and we wish to hold a Home Vigil at our family home. Can we transport them here in order to do that?
Yes. We are able to collect your beloved ourselves, or if is very far away or intestate, we can arrange transportation.
We would like our loved one to have a direct cremation and then decide later how we would like to memorialise him/her. Is your fee for the Direct Cremation all inclusive?
Yes. This is a very wonderful option for many people. It is cost effective (which we support) and it gives grieving family some time to settle their emotions before deciding on an very appropriate way to celebrate the life of their loved one at a later date. 
Sacred Earth Funerals provide a Blessing Ritual with Sacred Oils to every deceased person that will be taken for direct cremation. We consider the small time and the great presence that it takes to perform this rite, a fundamental human dignity. 
A loved one's death is at hand. Can you help me prepare for their death as I'm feeling challenged and having difficulty coping with the situation?
Yes, of course. We can help. You can call us right now to discuss what is at the forefront of your worry or you can ring to book a meeting where we can develop a plan that will address all of your concerns regarding your loved one's imminent death. Depending on your needs, we can offer our Death Doula service and you may choose any assistance that is meaningful to you or your dying one.
NOTHING is ever implied or expected. We are here to serve YOU.
End-of-Life Planning
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I would like to document all of my end of life wishes. Do you have a form or information that I can complete?
Yes. We have all end of life planning documents, with the exception of the legal Last Will and Testament for you to complete. For your legal Will regarding asset disbursements after your death, we will refer you to an ethical solicitor. We are working on incorporating a highly reputable legal practitioner specialising in Wills and Estate planning into the practise of Sacred Earth Home Funerals as soon as we can..
Please see our page called "Ënd of Life Planning", link here -
for a comprehensive list of all of your options. These include the all important Advance Heath Care Directive, which is as significant at the end of life as the Last will and testament.
We can also provide you with a free Funeral Planning Guide. Please ask us.