A complete list of our Services

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

SACRED EARTH HOLISTIC FUNERALS upholds four cornerstones of service in all that we offer to our community-

       honouring spiritual traditions,

       integrating and healing grief practises,

       personal re-empowerment and inclusiveness, 

       and holistic continuum in death care 

Any service, or any combination of services is possible. We offer  heart centred care in whatever form you may need. Sometimes a phone call is all you need to settle a challenging situation or question. Please do not hesitate. If we can empower you with any form of knowledge around death, we will.






A Sacred Vigil with the deceased at home for a period up to 72 hours includes:

- Cooling bed hire

- washing dressing, anointing with traditional sacred oils (Doterra range), laying out the deceased in honour

- creating a sacred space in the home

- daily visits and 24/7 hour phone access to us during this time

- emotional and practical support

- detailed information on all of  your after vigil and funeral options for your beloved.

OPTIONAL at no extra cost -

- providing soul release/blessing ritual and / or a gratitude or other personal ritual,

- creating home conditions for a wake or celebration of life

-shrouding of the deceased body

** For continuity of family led care, we offer you the choice of a Home Funeral, please see below...



We listen, provide  you with options and guidance. We empower you to choose any funeral service or provider, and select your own inclusions. 


Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals  provides you with the following funeral options:

        OPTION 1. -  A Home Funeral with Final Disposition. 

A comprehensive full service includes -

 - Full watch in retaining the deceased at home

- Practical care and laying in Honour of the deceased

- Providing a craft wood, cardboard or other sustainable material coffin

- All certificates/permits and necessary medical and legal documentation

- Creation of ceremonial space

- Assistance with preparing and planning the funeral ceremony.  

- Final disposition by cremation or burial (burial incurs extra costs and will be fully discussed with you).

        OPTION 2. - A funeral at a church, hall or other location - 

-transport to venue, religious, community or other venue of your choosing)

- celebrant (if required)

- all certificates, medical and legal documentation 

- transport to place of final disposition

- complete and tender care of your deceased as in Option 1.

        OPTION 3 - A Direct Cremation with cardboard coffin - includes caring guidance, a Blessing Ritual, anointing with sacred oils or other ritual as needed, all necessary medical and legal documentation and permits, transport to crematorium from place of death or coroners facility, a BDM Death Certificate, return of ashes and heartfelt care of your loved one throughout.

        OPTION 4 - Memorial services and Celebrations of Life with an engaged celebrant to create personalised and meaningful rituals of remembrance and healing. To cry, to laugh, to embrace and to transform.

        OPTION 5 - Choose just those services you want, or request a very personal and bespoke event tailored to your exact requirements.





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In the latter part of life it is wise preparation for a peaceful death to consider the meaning we have drawn from our life experience. 
A Heart Will is the most comprehensively documented way to share your thoughts, values and memories of your life. Includes all of our writing services in this single option.  
Once we complete this together, you will be presented with a beautiful folder of handwritten and typed documents as essential peace of mind in preparing for our end of life.

Together we create a document folder filled with  meaningful things. The loves and lessons and the things most remembered. This is truthtelling, and 

This is your opportunity to leave nothing unsaid, and to leave your memories on Earth.

Your Heart Will may include letters to individuals, 


The contents of your Heat Will document may be distributed to your intended recipients after your death, during you wake, or read at your funeral. Or even before your death, Whatever you wish for. 

A Heart Will is a Legacy you leave that will inform and comfort those who love you after your death.