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Death over Dinner

You are invited to dinner! Delight in a deliciously healthy catered meal in a big old hall and a very supportive environment where like minds discuss ideas and feelings on death and dying.

We provide a gentle guidance, where we may share our own stories and experiences:  of loss, of what we consider necessary at end of life, or on what it means to live with grief. You may want to discuss your idea of a 'good death', or we may wonder about the afterlife, and together share our conclusions. Conversation flows easily and is enhanced and comforted by great food.

Join us in building a healthier relationship to our own mortality. We do this very deliberately in order to live richer, happier, more wonderful lives.

- A DINNER CONVERSATION       for a happy night out. 

So many of us still live in the shadow of our own mortality. That shadow is reinforced by the many taboos in our society. People still feel embarrassed or ashamed to casually bring up a conversation about death.


To have an opportunity to openly talk about dying is a rare thing for many people. Let's make use of our good companionship over dinner to discuss what's important for us at the end of life and find the gold in the wisdom gleaned from living it. xx

Proudly facilitated by Sacred Earth Holistic Community Engagement Program


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