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Death Conversation over Dinner

You are invited to dinner! Delight in a deliciously healthy catered meal in a historic old hall with soft chandelier lighting and a very supportive environment where like minds discuss ideas and feelings on death and dying.

We provide a gentle guidance, where we may share our own stories and experiences:  of loss, of what we consider necessary at end of life, or on what it means to live with grief. You may want to discuss your idea of a 'good death', or we may wonder about the afterlife, and together share our conclusions. Conversation flows easily and is enhanced and comforted by great food.

Join us in building a healthier relationship to our own mortality. We do this very deliberately in order to live richer, happier, more wonderful lives.

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- A DINNER CONVERSATION       for a happy night out. 

So many of us still live in the shadow of our own mortality. That shadow is reinforced by the many taboos in our society. People still feel too awkward or uncomfortable to casually bring up a conversation about death.


To have an opportunity to openly talk about dying is a rare thing for many people. Let's make use of our good companionship over dinner to discuss what's important for us at the end of life and find the gold in the wisdom gleaned from living it. xx

High Tea & Holistic Funeral Home

Normalising death by keeping the doors to our funeral home open and inviting to the community.  Over tea we talk about after death care choices, roles and responsibilites, as well as the deep level of care each of our deceased recives at Sacred Earth. 

Every Australian should know & have acce

The Northern Doula HUB is the Far North Coast NSW directory of local doulas for our local communities - Grafton to Tweed.

If you are in need of a conversation, some respite, or just have some questions for an End-of-Life doula, contact the HUB on 0478 600 778

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Friends of the Northern Hospice - for anyone that has an interest in promoting humane end of life options for our communities. 
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A very special ceremony for all of the babies and children lost too soon...
Commemoration of Love DAY of the
Annual Remembrance ceremony on the Mexican Day of the Dead, for all of those that have gone before.
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An amazing alternative to a traditional funeral, say goodbye in style before you check out..!
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Names and contact of Doula helpers.

Ring any number for a chat, questions or support when you or someone you love wishes to talk about end-of-life.

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Another free monthly offering to our community. All welcome. Always.
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Our weekly online support and connection offering during the first year of Covid-19.
INternational survivors of sucide loss d

A tender ceremony marking a loss to suicide amongst families of the North Coast region.

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A fun day where you ask us ANYTHING!
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The Sanctuary in Coraki is a beautiful and inspiring place for  workshop retreat. Many workshops are offered annually. 

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Proudly facilitated by Sacred Earth Holistic Community Engagement Program

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Holistic Funeral Directors and tradition
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