About Sacred Earth Funerals

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Sacred Earth was created as a localised alternative to commercialism in the funeral industry and believes providing a very personal and unique end of life practise is a profound way to honour the deceased and a powerful comfort to family that remains. We return to the old wisdom traditions our communities once accessed in dealing with our dead and dying. As such we offer a complete range of end of life services, including any type of funeral, home vigils and wakes, end of life planning and profound emotional, spiritual and practical support for the dying. 

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We emphasise family led practises, environmental responsibility and freedom to grieve, celebrate and honour, in which ever way suits us best. Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals is committed to bearing witness to life, which includes the final and most profound rite of passage at death. We are a part of our courageous community forging the compassion to companion the dying, and provide the necessary emotional, practical and spiritual support through resource and education.  We promote the willingness to embrace the inevitability of our own deaths, in order for our lives to become deeply purposeful, joyful and as meaningful as they can be. 

May we grow to accept the things we cannot change, to face change and fear together, and to support our community to find the wings to fly, embracing the whole of our human journey.


Blessings on all.